The flame symbolizes in a way calm and violent our inner energy: an intrinsic contradiction that makes it fascinating. This force belongs to everyone. She sings and vibrates to the rhythm of our emotions - controlled or not.

In the era of permanent connection, do not we cut off the essentials? Smothering unconsciously our individual might.

It is by listening to our inner fire that we will be able to live fully. By stoking rather than suffocating it. This fire is not destructive but represents the life that animates us: the flame lives in our body without ever consuming what it explores, it is the same for my images.

This inner journey often requires a revolution, in order to connect to oneself. Mine took place when I decided to stop my activity as interior designer to get started in photography. Intense emotions nourished this flame that I imagined by creating this photographic series.

Coincidence? A revolution also refers to a regular movement around a center, or axis. In the same way, we must come and go between our intimate desires and the outside world, to remain faithful to our flame and to nourish ourselves with what surrounds us.

Alexandre Liebert, director and videographer, discovered my series and felt the urge to see these photos come to life, to see this flame come alive and tell us its story.

For him, a revolution is a transformation, just as the flame metamorphoses matter. And this revolution, this transformation, induces notions of movement and temporality, which intrinsically bear the video medium.

The video "L’allée verte", which we thought together, is therefore part of "The Parisian Revolution", and shows us the ambivalence of this flame, both hesitant and burning with desire to express itself, to spring from the human body (here represented by the Parisian basement), and to transform our beings, thus revolutionizing our lives.