I worked as an interior designer in Paris for more than ten years. Throughout that time I was very focused on the use of space and acquired a sensitivity that has greatly influenced my approach to volume in photographic art.  In 2011, I redirected my professional life autodactically and plunged into this new universe. At night, light and space have often been my sources of inspiration, of experimentation and confrontation but above all of fulfillment.  I question the night using physical movement, as well as using light in order to see beyond what is visible, to a place where black has not yet absorded everything.

I have accomplished various artistic projects, often in partnership with private and public institutions. Notably, the Hotel National des Invalides allowed me access to all the military sites of Ile de France, which I was then able to bring to light in a large exposition in the moat of the Invalides.

I also had the opportunity to work with the RATP who commissioned me to enter an old marshalling yard where their entire collection of rolling stock, is preserved, covering 100 years of history. The images created were exhibited during «Les Journées du Patrimoine» (the Heritage Days) within this workshop-museum.

The cities and their nocturnal vestiges have been privileged fields of investigation for me, as much by their architectural lines as the past history, to which they bear witness. Because of my awareness of the state of our society along with the fact that I live in a city, nature has become my source of regeneration. It is from this sense of renewal that my new series Marche Céleste, a solitary and initiatory journey through the night time forest, was born.



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